Troll-master is a specialty manufacturer of trolling equipment and related accessories based out of beautiful Tampa, Florida. Above all, we are fishermen with a passion for fishing, and we infuse that passion in all that we do.


Troll-Master Inc. is committed to improve the fishing experience for all anglers. We do so by introducing new products and constantly improving existing ones. Our goal is to deliver a great product at a competitive price while maintaining the highest quality standards!


Our people are the greatest asset of our company! It is because of their dedication professionalism and passion we are successful today. Our team consists of Designers, Engineers, Manufacturing experts, Information Technology professionals and Legendary Fisherman. Our Research and Development works in conjunction with real customers across the country utilizing hands on experience and cutting edge technology to design our products.


All our products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. There is no fine print, no exclusions and no limitations. We will always stand behind our products and will gladly provide Customer Service and Technical Support to our customers. We are confident in the quality of the products, functional design and the materials used to produce them!


Troll-master Inc. warrants to the original purchaser any defect in material or workmanship for the period of 10 years since the date of the original retail purchase. Troll-master Inc. will either repair or replace the product free of charge.

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  • DECEMBER 2021Development of the Electric Downrigger

    We are very excited to announce our decision to start the development of a new product - The Electric Downrigger System. This decision came after hundreds of inquiries from our loyal customers asking to make an electric model. We definitely understand instinctively the imperative of developing the new electric downrigger and adding it to our product lineup. This product will be designed to be intuitive, easy to use and durable. It will be a perfect solution for deep water trolling applications. Our goal is to deliver a strong, fisherman friendly product that is packed with features. Something that would truly improve your fishing experience and help you catch more fish with less effort!

  • DECEMBER 2018Financial Success!

    We are very excited to report that we exceeded our financial goals this year! Troll-Master Inc in 2018 had its largest increase in sales revenue at 29% over last year, maintained a healthy debt ratio of .65. We also had a 26% increase in gross profits over 2017. We were able to achieve this by improving the inventory control, purchasing packaging equipment and bringing the packaging operation in-house.

    We are definitely looking forward to a new year 2019 and expect to continue to grow our footprint!

    Troll-Master Inc expects to have another 25% increase in revenue sales and at least 20% increase in gross profits in 2019. We are constantly working on improving our processes and procedures to help us grow revenue, decrease production costs and optimize operations!

  • NOVEMBER 2017We have moved!

    We have outgrown our old office space and finally moved into a bigger and newer warehouse! New Location will not only allow us to expand our assembly shop, but to also bring packaging operations in-house! This will improve the quality control and gross margins. With plenty of storage space for our new inventory, we are looking forward to the new 2018 season!

    Tampa Bay is a great place to call our home and we look forward to many years of business here!

  • JULY 2016An Official Launch

    Troll-master Inc Launched it’s Seahorse downrigger line at ICAST 2016

  • MARCH 2016Press Release

  • JANUARY 2016Open to Public!

    Troll-master launches its site and online shop!

  • JUNE 2015Seahorse passed the field testing!

    Our new downrigger prototypes underwent series of tests in different environments. Seahorse downrigger prototypes successfully passed series of corrosion, strength and operational tests.

  • FEBRUARY 2015Seahorse name is official!

    United States Patent and Trademark Office approved our application and registered “Seahorse” as a trademark for our new Downrigger system.

  • NOVEMBER 2014Product Plans Announced

    Troll-Master Announces Plans to re-manufacture Fathom-Master downrigger discontinued by Penn.

  • AUGUST 2014New Innovative Line Releases

    Troll-master Completes Research and Development of Hydrodynamic Line releases and applies for Utility Patent with USPTO

  • AUGUST 2013Troll-Master Inc. is born!

    Troll-Master Inc. was established in August of 2013. The first products to be developed were a limited number of replacement parts for the Penn Fathom-Master downrigger. These parts are in great demand since Penn had discontinued the Fathom-Master line.

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