Troll-Master Inc. announces the rebirth of Penn’s legendary Fathom-Master® downriggers.

Troll-Master Best - Cannon Downrigger - Scotty Downrigger - Best Downriggers - Tampa Florida

Troll-Master was established in August of 2013 in Tampa Florida. We are a specialty manufacturer of fishing equipment and related accessories. Above all, we are fishermen with a passion for fishing, and we infuse that passion in all that we do. We are dedicated to the research and development of new concepts, improving existing designs, and the exploration of different techniques and applications in order to greatly improve the fishing experience of the anglers around the world.

Troll-Master Best - Cannon Downrigger - Scotty Downrigger - Best Downriggers - Tampa Florida

Our mission is to provide products that utilize the best design and materials currently available in the market, and back those products with outstanding customer support and an industry leading warranty. Our goal is to deliver great products at a competitive price while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We at Troll-Master are not new to the downrigger business – we have been servicing all major downrigger brands for more than 10 years. Based on our extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for downriggers, we came to a decision point. We had to choose between developing a brand new design or re-introducing an older proven existing design.

We have decided to introduce the new Troll-Master Seahorse® downrigger – a design that was inspired by the legendary PENN Fathom-Master® downriggers.

Fathom-Master® is the best and most respected manual downrigger in the world. It has earned its respect for its durability, heavy duty construction and ease of operation.

Troll-Master Inc. is committed to ongoing support and service of the original Penn Downriggers that are being used by thousands of anglers today.

The Seahorse® downrigger system is designed to make controlled depth trolling easy. It enables fisherman to place bait or lures to the desired depth and maintain that depth while trolling. Seahorse® downriggers are made following a proven design that have earned its reputation for solid, dependable performance in both fresh and salt water environments and is recognized by many anglers around the world.

Built with the strongest and corrosion resistant components, the Seahorse® downrigger will serve a lifetime of deep water trolling in fresh and salt water. Offering a reliable performance for any game in varied waters, it is built to handle weather and elements. Designed for ease of use, the drag system allows for one hand operation when lowering or stopping the downrigger weight.