Troll-Master completes Research and Development of the Hydrodynamic Line release

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Following 5 months of R & D Troll-Master successfully completed the final prototype testing and submitted the Utility patent application with USPTO.

The Release design minimizes the resistance, turbulence and vibration generated while the line release is in use.

The results are achieved by employing the hydrodynamic shape and by covering the open cavity between the opposing Components. This concept preserves the ease of operation of traditional pincher type releases and minimizes the turbulence and resistance by employing the hydrodynamic "submarine" type shape and eliminating all open cavities by design. There are two main benefits of this new design:

1.Decreased Resistance: The introduction of the side covers, and improvement of the hydrodynamic properties of the release body results in a decrease of the underwater resistance. This allows for an almost perpendicular descent with minimal angular deflection. This is important in achieving the desired trolling depth - the closer to 90 degrees, the more precise the depth.

2. Decreased Turbulence and Vibration: Elimination of the open cavity between the two opposing components of the pincher type release minimizes the water turbulence and vibration created by the line release. This results in a larger number of strikes because the fish at the targeted depth are not repelled by unnatural turbulence and vibration.