Coming Soon – Trolling Weights!

After numerous inquiries from our customers we have decided to bring you 2 types of weights:

  • The Traditional "Fish" Style
  • Hydrodynamic Z-wing style called "Hydroglider".

All weights are wrapped in poly vinyl high visibility yellow so you can easily see them in the water. This especially comes in handy when you're retrieving your lines and the weight is coming up to the surface. These weights are also made right here in the USA!

The Traditional Fish style trolling weights will be available in 2 sizes: FISH 8 lbs and FISH 10 lbs. They are shaped specifically to reduce drag and enhance a natural presentation. The fins cut through water smoothly at different trolling speeds.

Fish Style trolling weights are coated with a thick layer of poly vinyl to ensure your boat's deck will be free of scratches and scuffs.

The other style of weight we are presenting is the "Hydroglider". The Hydroglider operates on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than only weight. As trolling speeds increase, the Hydroglider's hydrodynamic shape increases downward force easily reaching your desired depth.

Downward force overcomes drag allowing for constant depth to be maintained at various trolling speeds. Our Hydroglider weights come in 2 models, the Hydroglider 150 and Hydroglider 350.

The Seahorse Hydroglider 150 (1.5lbs) performs best at faster speeds (5 knots and above) while the 350 (3.5lbs) performs at all speeds, but will perform better at slower speeds.

Keep your eyes peeled for these weights in our shop over the next couple weeks!