Fish Trolling Weight 8


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The Seahorse® Downrigger Fish Weight will get your trolling presentation deep quickly.

Shaped specifically to reduce drag and enhance a natural presentation, the Seahorse® Downrigger Fish Weight will effectively maintain desired trolling depth at different speeds.

Coated with multi-layered poly vinyl, this downrigger weight from Troll-Master is highly durable and will not scuff or scratch the sides of your boat during use.

The Seahorse® Downrigger Fish Weights are high visibility yellow in color, so you can easily see them in the water, which especially comes in handy when you’re retrieving your lines and the weight is coming up to the surface.

These weights are also made right here in the USA!

  • Tracks straight and smooth
  • Coated to ensure your boat’s deck will be free of scratches and scuffs.
  • Bright Yellow color aids with visibility
  • Made in USA
  • Available in 10 Lbs.
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