NEW PRODUCT – Seahorse® Adjustable Rod Holder Rack

We are very excited to bring a new innovative product to the market! The rod rack is highly adjustable and can have virtually hundreds of different configurations and applications.

Trolling, Kite fishing, rod storage and more!

This product is already generating a lot of interest:
Fishing Tackle Retailer – The business magazine of the sportfishing and marine industry featured Seahorse® Adjustable Rod Holder Rack in their most popular “Smarter Better NEW Products in the Marketplace” section.

It also will be presented at 2017 ICAST NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE!

Seahorse® Adjustable Rod Holder Rack by Troll-Master

Seahorse® Adjustable Rod Holder Rack is designed to simplify the complexities and take logistics out of the equation.
The Rod Rack securely holds four fishing rods, It is designed to be used not only for Rod storage and organization but also for trolling applications.
Highly configurable Dual Axis Adjustment capability allows anglers to set a perfect angle at any position while trolling with multiple rods.
The attachment is designed to be securely attached to any sturdy surface providing better utilization of cockpit space while keeping the fishing rods in a handy yet secure positions.


– High level of adjustability
 – Heavy duty rugged construction insures durability and peace of mind.
 – Optimized to work great with all light, medium and heavy rods, conventional or spinning outfits.
 – Corrosion resistant materials used to ensure long life and trouble free operation.
 – Multiple installation configurations (Bolt-through or Clamp-on)


Manufacturer recommends to always use a security strap on all fishing equipment while trolling.