King of the Beach Kingfish Tournament

Troll-Master made its inaugural appearance at the 23rd annual Old Salt Spring King of the Beach. Our presence sparked both interest and curiosity by tournament attendees.

We experienced beautiful Florida weather, warm and clear for all three days. We met a lot of great people ranging from charter captains, pro teams, and everyday fishermen.

We were pleasantly surprised with the high levels of interest our products generated, and also by the volume of people who would stop to look or ask about our downriggers and accessories. Many purchased our equipment before, during, and some, even after the tournament had concluded.

After the tournament was over, we had a significant number of people come to us to share some very positive feedback on our Hydrodynamic line releases indicating how well they worked.

Congratulations to the ‘Wise Guy’ Fishing Team who were crowned the undisputed “KING OF THE BEACH” with a monstrous 62.95 pound Kingfish, smoking all of the competition.

We also want to thank the people at the Old Salt Fishing Foundation for organizing this amazing and memorable event